"We Speak Brisket - Low & Slow"

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LaVaca BBQ started as a competition team with outstanding achievements in Texas. Our team was made up of myself, Lupe Nevarez, my wife, Christine and our three children. We have taken the passion that we have put into every single cook-off and have turned it into an opportunity to serve delicious food to our community, our state, and every single barbecue lover.

The idea of serving people is not uncommon in our household. On any given day, you can find us sharing our love of barbecue within our family of five or with a group of sixty friends. As cooks, we understand that one of the best ways to create a memory, is to sit everyone down at the dinner table and bond over a delicious brisket. Our menu is derived from the countless dinner parties and taste tests that we have had the pleasure of experiencing with our friends and family. "La Blanca", our Hill Country Style one thousand gallon propane tank smoker, has been the key element to creating our Low n' Slow barbecue.

LaVaca BBQ would like to give your family the opportunity to create the same memories that we have had the opportunity to create in our very own home. At LaVaca BBQ "We Speak Brisket - Low n' Slow".